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There is no reason to 
be afraid of death,
To be afraid to take 
that one last breath,

To go to heaven to 
be with our Lord,
To sing his praises 
and shout his word.

And by his words 
you must abide,
Do not try to take 
your life by suicide.

To try this will 
not do you well,
You just may wind 
up in hell.

Do your best to 
live the words of God,
Even though others 
may think you odd.

Do your best to live 
by the Golden Rule,
Do unto others as you 
wish they would do you.

On the other 
side they say,
There are Angels 
to show the way.

Your family and friends, 
you will meet,
For the come forward, 
you to greet.

You will follow 
a great light,
That is big, 
beautiful and bright.

You will see 
your past life,
All your love and 
all the strife.

You must learn, 
yourself to forgive,
If on the other side 
you want to live.

So live you life, 
reap what you sow,
Then live life to the fullest, 
if the other side you want to go.


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