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Dear God

I know that your Angels 
are here on earth,
To show all of us just 
what we are worth.

But, why can we not 
live and love,
Just the way that 
you show us from above?

Why do we still have homeless, 
when there is plenty of space?
Why do we continue to seperate 
ourselves race by race?

Why do we continue to have
war after war,
In almost every country,
on almost every shore?

Why do we continue to have
people who need,
Food for their table,
their children to feed?

Why is it with all the clothes
we outgrow and shun,
There is not enough for
the ones who have none?

Why can we not all learn
to forgive and forget,
When something is done
that makes us upset?

Why can we not
all work as one,
To see that all that 
is listed above is done?

We could all work together to
make this a better place to live.
We could all learn no to take,
but only to give.

Dear God, if only we 
all could learn to love,
Just the way that
You show us from above.


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