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Let The Children Come

Let the children come to me
the beautiful Angel said,
I will softly cradle
their sweet, sweet heads.

Softly, quietly the children came
to be protected from sorrow and pain,
To be protected from war
softly, quietly the children came.

If you listen you  just might hear,
the soft sweet song of an Angel near.
Just sit in a quiet room and listen 
to the Angel whispering in your ear.

Telling you to cradle softly 
the childrenís sweet heads.
To protect these children 
while they sleep in their beds.

Softly., quietly you watch of them,
protect them from all sorrow and pain.
To protect them from was
softly, quietly you watch over them.

If you will just listen quietly
the Angelís are talking to you.
Leading you, guiding you,
teaching you, so that you can too.

Let the children come to you
as the beautiful Angel said,
You will softly cradle
their sweet, sweet heads.


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