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Are you perfect?  
Are you great?
Do you, with God, 
on top rate?

You have never in your 
life made a mistake?
Something that was 
not yours, take?

If you are perfect, 
then we all should know,
And follow you 
wherever you may go.

All the people of 
earth should follow you,
All the people should 
do just what you do.

But, you should know 
that there was only one.
He should have, 
for his live, run.

For all of us he 
gave his life,
So we could be 
forgiven and lose our stife.

If you start now 
to live as God wants,
No more broken rules 
and no more taunts.

When your life is over, 
you just might,
Be with God, 
if you do things right.

You may become one of 
the Angels up above,
Sent down here to show 
others God's love.


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