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The Best

Do you think you want 
to live forever?
Do you want to 
live and never,

Take that beautiful 
and wonderful ride?
Not to see the world 
that is on the other side?

The Bible tells you 
of a beautiful sight,
That is a wonderful place, 
that is so right.

A place where each soul 
is healthy and whole.
A place where all other 
souls join you soul.

They say that you join 
your family and friends.
There is a peace and 
a beauty that never ends.

So why would you 
ever want to stay,
Where there is illness, 
wars, and you have to pay?

Why would you ever want 
to live forever?
Why would you not want 
to go to paradise, never?

Do you want to see again, 
the ones that are gone?
Your parents, a daughter
 maybe a son, gone so long?

Wouldn't you like to a
gain to be able to talk?
Wouldn't you like to 
again be able to walk?

Do you know that you 
have so much to gain?
There will no longer be anger, 
no longer be pain.

There is a paradise there, 
everything that your heart desires.
This alone should fuel 
all of your heart's fires.

Wouldn't you like to be 
able to forget and forgive,
All of the wrongs did to 
you as your life you did live?

Do you want to be able to forgive all 
the wrongs that you did to others,
All the wrongs against all your 
sisters and all your brothers?

It seems to be far 
above all the rest,
This to me sounds 
like it is the best!


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