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We Are Related

If the white 
race is the best,
Why did God 
make all the rest?

If the man is 
above the others,
Why did God make both 
sisters and brothers?

It the human animal 
is the smartest alive,
Why do the other animals 
only kill to survive?

If we, as humans, 
know so much more,
Why, somewhere, 
is there always a war?

Why in a world 
where we have so much,
Is there homeless, 
starving, jobless and such?

God created all the 
people to be the same,
And, yet, we continue 
to play our own game.

Why do only a 
few try so hard,
When most of us 
will not go that first yard?

Maybe each of 
should stop and say,
Which way, where, 
will I go on Redemption Day?

Whe should not lie, 
cheat or steal,
We should forgive everyone, 
and do not try to deal.

No matter who they are, 
we should love one another
All are your sisters, and brothers, 
your father and your mother!


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