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Works Of God

Have you ever:

Watched a baby born?
Watched the sun rise in the morn?
Watched a bird learn how to fly?
Seen a rainbow in the blue shy?
Seen a rose in full bloom?
Watched a kitten cross the room?
Seen a mountain when it snows?
Watched a tree as it grows?
Watched a child when at play?
Watched a baby learn what to say?
Do you think these things odd?
Remember these are works of God!

Have you ever:

Seen a tornado's devastation?
Seen a war or a demonstration?
Seen as an earthquack the earth upheave?
Watched a friend turn and leave?
Seen crops demolished by a flood?
Watched the deadly flow of blood?
Seen the havoc caused by a hurricane?
Seen the mud slides caused by rain?
Seen broken pieces of a jet?
Seen a burning house, soon all wet?
Seen a lion when it hunts and kills?
Seen the starving, hurt and ills?
You think these things are odd?
These too are works of God.

I want you to stop and to think,
Every time you eat or take a drink,
Every time you take a walk,
Every time that you wake,
Do you wonder, do you quake?
Every time you take a breath,
Every time that you cheat death,
Does you heart skip a beat?
Every time you body does heat,
Ebery time your eyes do see,
Do you wonder where you may be?
Think these things are odd?
These are the works of God!


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