Our Love

We will miss holding your small
body in our arms.
We will miss doing our part
keeping you safe from harm.

God needed a small 
Angel to do some tasks.
He called you,
a baby to do as he asks.

We never may understand
the reason why,
Until it is our turn
to join you in the sky.

We, your grandparents,will miss
watching till you were grown,
Going to school, getting married,
having children of your own.

A time will come, we will get
to know you, see what you were like,
Whether you liked to swim,
jog, or ride your bike.

When we get to heaven and
become angels like you are,
We will not have to wonder
about you from afar.

We are sure that you
are just like the rest,
One of the most precious,
one of the best.

Know that you would have been
loved, no more, no less.
Because you all are angels 
to your grandparents.



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