Tears came to 
my eyes today,
Thinking of 
how you went away.
Into my eyes 
they slowly creep,
Knowing that I will 
never watch you sleep.
It may be a movie, 
a picture, or a song,
Making me wonder just 
what went wrong.
Why did you leave before 
I got to know you?
Why did you leave before go 
to do what Grandmas do?
I hope that you know that
 I miss you so much,
Not getting to hold you, 
feed you, change you and such.
For a month or more, 
I though day and night,
I wanted this to 
sound just right.
But no matter, 
if I thought night and day,
I still can not write 
what my heart wants to say.
So, I will continue to 
write my poems you see,
Maybe someday it will come 
out the way I want it to be.



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